Alberni by Kengo Kuma Throws Shapes in Vancouver

Alberni by Kengo Kuma is completed, showing off its highly crafted, wavy volume in Vancouver, Canada.

Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma on Embracing Both Tradition and Modernity in His Global Projects

There are few architects who can say they’ve sold full residential towers in a matter of days or weeks. But renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, who founded his eponymous firm in 1990, is used to this level of success.

This Stunning New Building Contains an Entire Bamboo Forest

Designed by Kengo Kuma, the skyscraper is the architect’s tallest project in North America.

Kengo Kuma Unveils "Sculptural and Iconic" Skyscraper in Vancouver

Japanese architecture studio Kengo Kuma & Associates has completed a skyscraper in Vancouver, Canada, with a curved form and a semi-enclosed amphitheatre at its base.

Q&A: Kengo Kuma on Shaping the Vancouver Skyline

Vancouver is a mixture of street cultures and skyscrapers. East and West meet here, that’s a unique part of it.

Kengo Kuma Installs Teahouse on Vancouver Roof Terrace

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has designed a pavilion for hosting traditional tea ceremonies on the deck of a Vancouver tower, coinciding with an exhibition of his work across the street.

Kengo Kuma’s ‘Japan Unlayered’ Exhibition Set to Open in Vancouver

Titled ‘japan unlayered’, the show has been conceived as a sensory experience that conveys culture through touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell.

Architecture Should Not Be the Protagonist of the Environment

The Humble Revolution: Kengo Kuma’s Fight Against “Arrogant, Alienating” Architecture.

Kengo Kuma Unveils Plans for Curved Apartment Tower in Vancouver

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has revealed plans for his first tall building in North America – a residential tower in Vancouver with a curved silhouette (+ slideshow).

Designboom Talks to Kengo Kuma About His First Residential Tower in North America

Alberni’ is a project commissioned by the canadian firm Westbank Corporation, an avant garde developer whose scope of work transcends that of the traditional developer through its holistic integration of the senses, merging the worlds of construction, urban design, art, culture, and philanthropy that results in structures that are meant to fit within the greater context of the community in all aspects.

Kengo Kuma’s Sculpted Tower Is Set to Rise in Vancouver

Kuma has described a commitment to using “light and natural materials to get a new kind of transparency,” which — given downtown Vancouver’s backdrop of mountains and ocean — is a common goal of local architects, as well.

West End Condo Tower Facade Designed to Be ‘Ephemeral’

Reflective shingles on the facade of a proposed new residential tower on the West Georgia corridor are intended to make the building as ephemeral as possible, according to the Japanese architect who designed the building.

Vancouver’s New Condo Proposals a Stark Break From Past Low-Key Style

Mr. Kuma, in an interview from Japan, said this will be his first "monumental" building in North America and his design was heavily influenced by the organic, natural beauty in Vancouver.